The rhinoceros is known the world over for its size and, sadly, its scarcity. It has become the object of many conservation initiatives and news pieces over the past few years. However, rhinos have also featured in popular myths, legends and even fairytales over the decades. Here are some of our favourite popular rhinos:

Real Life

The Rhinoceros of Versailles
The Rhinoceros of Versailles lived at the Palace of Versailles, in France. It was kept in the royal menagerie (along with other species of animals) between 1770 and 1793.

Born in 1738, Clara gained her famous reputation from touring Europe. She was only the fifth living rhino ever to be seen in Europe. Finally, after visiting towns in about 10 different countries, she died in London in 1758.

Abada belonged to the Portuguese kings, Sebastian I and Henry I between the years of 1577 and 1580. Thereafter, this Indian Rhino was given to the King of Spain, Phillip II, until her death in 1588.


Clam was an albino rhino that chose not to say very much. He was part of the Jelly Trio of Camp Lazlo, and was described as loving music and culture, although never expressing it very overtly. When he did speak, he would use a low, gruff voice and would speak in short, bursting sentences. His idiosyncratic ways won him the hearts of his viewers.

Commander Vachir
The hugely successful Kung Fu Panda wowed audiences everywhere, irrespective of their age. Commander Vachir was the rhino, and the chief of security at the Chorh-Gom Prison. He was also the leader of an army of trained rhino soldiers. Commander Vachir was arrogant, and unsuccessful at stopping Tai Lung from escaping.

Mr Cyrus Q Hornbill
This Indian Rhino was the weakling teacher in My Gym Partner’s a Monkey. He was portrayed as sweet but powerless to the bullying of the school principal and the victim of his lunch-lady crush.

Mr Mammoth
This successful business-oriented rhino starred on The Raccoons, in which he was constantly looking for new business opportunities. He mumbled incoherently, and has only ever spoken clearly twice in the history of the show.

Lulu is the cutest rhino known to little girls around the world. She stars in Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, and is a pink, ballet-loving five-year-old. Her red helium balloon has a permanent spot on her nose and helps her to fly (which is necessary for her to get to her castle in the clouds). Lulu is a girly rhino that spends her time throwing tea parties and playing dress-up.